Trace elements perform a wide variety of functions in the body and provide essential support for many metabolic processes. Animals’ bodies are unable to synthesize essential trace elements, and they only have a very limited natural storage capacity.

The Plexomin® product line of organic trace minerals provides a highly pure and available organometallic complex in which a metal ion is attached to specific amino acids. Aminoacids are smaller than peptides or proteinates and their metal complex guarantees high
bioavailability. Compared to less soluble products or larger protein complex based products, the trace elements in the Plexomin® series have improved protection against attacks from reactive substances, such as tannins, phosphates and acids that lower bioavailability.

Plexomin® minerals are produced in a unique production process, the “Snowball Technology”. It brings a series of organometallic
particles together, creating a single granulate in the same way tiny snowflakes can form a snowball. The process makes the product stable, less reactive, free flowing and provides an outstanding solubility which differentiates Plexomin® from other sources of minerals.The small molecule size of Plexomin® allows an intact absorption of the complex by the enterocytes of the gut wall.



Plexomin® Manganese

  • improves the development of a solid bone structure
  • necessary for a high reproduction rate
  • a key mineral to get record laying rates and hatching results

Plexomin® Copper

  • improves reproduction
  • improves the immunity against various diseases and mastitis
  • reduces diarrhea scores

Plexomin® iron

  • the #1 “catalyst” to prevent anemia in newborn
  • builds up a strong defense system against infections

Plexomin® Zinc

  • a “catalyst” for excellent hoof and skin quality
  • improves udder health and milk quality
  • improves fertility in mammalians and poultry



Profitability - outstanding cost-
benefit ratio

Very stable under various pH levels

Defined molecule - clear structure

Healthy animals - safe food

Less excretion - lower environmental Impact

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