Sangrovit® WS

SANGROVIT® WS is the watersoluble version of SANGROVIT®.

It is appropriate for all animal species and consists of acids and special active components from a plant extract, e.g. quaternary Benzophenanthridine alkaloids and Protopine alkaloids, which are preprocessed and made available in a special patented process. The effectivity of SANGROVIT® WS has been proven in many extensive university surveys.

SANGROVIT® WS is not effective as an antibiotic but operates functionally concerning the well-being and the health status.

Simple Application - Rapid Effects - IQ inside

- in an antibiotic-free finisher phase
- to improve the feed efficiency and increase the appetite
- to support vaccination programs and medications
- during periods of stress and for prophylaxis of diseases
- helps against chronic intestinal inflammation, resulting for instance from Salmonella and necrotic enteritis



stress reduction through IQ inside

Animals are often confronted with severe stress factors such as pathogens through water, feed and pen hygiene. Further parameters like increased heat, vaccination stress or regrouping can cause a higher sensitivity, too. Thus, the risk in causing intestinal problems due to inflammation on the mucosa wall is higher.

SANGROVIT® WS has a beneficial effect towards a healthier gastrointestinal tract and improved animal performance.  This has been proven in various institute and field trials. Especially its active substances were detected to show anti-inflammatory properties and improving effects on feed uptake and nutrient utilization.

Inflammatory processes can cost up to 30% of energy and nutrients! This has a significant influence on the performance and wellbeing of the animal. By reducing inflammatory processes SANGROVIT® WS can help keeping a healthier intestine and a more effective metabolism.

Inflammation in the gut can lead to decreased animal performance. SANGROVIT® WS  helps to maintain a good performance.


We are not only talking about it we are gaining it: SUCCESS! No matter if field or institute, stable or petri dish, our colleagues and independent experts regularly keep track on this success. If you would like to know how SANGROVIT® WS can affect the welfare of different species just contact our team and we can provide you an overview.



different sizes - always iq inside

Available sachets:
50g, 100g, 500g and 1000g

Package sizes:

SANGROVIT® WS-Box "small" with

  • 10 sachets à 50g
  • 5 sachets à 100g
  • 1 sachet à 500g

SANGROVIT® WS-Box "big" with 

  • 20 sachets à 50g
  • 10 sachets à 100g
  • 2 sachets à 500g
  • 1 sachet à 1000g


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