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JUNI 2017

Fatty liver syndrome in dairy cows - old news or extremely relevant?

Structural changes of dairy farms toward more and more bigger companies led in the last decades to a tremendous improvement of efficiency and performance of our high yielding dairy cows.



MARCH 2017


The intestine's major role is the digestion and absorption of nutrients, as well as the prevention ageainst the entry of antigens and microorganisms into the blood. However, the inpairment of the intestinal barrier funktion and the increased permeability ("leaky gut") can lead to poor performance and disease.





Gastritis (gastric ulcers) is one of the most important non- infectious causes of mobidity and mortality in modern swine production units. In general on-farm mortality is between 1- 2 % but can reach 12 % on problem farms. Slaughter data show that the incidence of ulcerous lesions vary between 30- 80 %.


MAY 2016

Food Safety - a never-ending story? (pdf)

Even in our modern world, foodborne diseases still cause millions of diseased people and can even be fatal. Food safety aims to prevent foodborne illness and takes into account the whole food production process.

February 2016

Digestibility – the link between gut integrity, performance and health (pdf) 

Appropriate feed efficiency is key to profitability and sustainability in animal production. Feed efficiency is largely determined by digestibility and this is ultimately linked to the integrity of the digestive tract.

January 2016

How to cope with Necrotic Enteritis in poultry production (pdf)

Necrotic Enteritis (NE) was reported in the literature as early as in 1930. As the broiler industry wasn´t specialized at that time, the disease wasn´t taken serious before the late 1960´s, when clinical cases were reported...




Salmonella reduction in pork production (pdf)

Yearly approximately 80 million cases of human Salmonella infections are reported world wide. This makes Salmonella one of the most important zoonosis. There are over 2,400 different serotypes of Salmonella of which the most important in swine are S. Typhimurium, S. Derby and S. Cholera-suis. About 95% of the Salmonella infections are sub-clinical in swine...





Cryptosporidiosis (pdf)

Cryptosporidium is a unicellular parasite, that infects epithelial cells of the gastroenteric and respiratory tract.In young calves it mainly appears between the first and third week of life...




July 2015

Feeding of Sows (pdf)

Sows face great metabolic challenges around farrowing. High energy demands for fetal growth during the last weeks of gestation and high energy output through milk production during lactation often result in a negative energy balance...




April 2015

Wet Litter (pdf)

When it comes to broiler production, feed, the quality of chicks and management come easily to our mind. Less attention is given to litter, while litter is defined as the combination of bedding material, mixed with wasted feed and water, excreta, and feathers.


Inflammation (pdf)

Inflammation is an important defense mechanism of the innate immune system. It is established within minutes after infection...


Here you find all issues from 2014 bundled in one file.

Hot Topic year collection 2014 (pdf)



December 2014

Impact of ruminal volatile fatty acids on milking performance (pdf)

An intact and effective ruminal fermentation is a prerequisite for a healthy and productive dairy cow. The fermentation processes are performed by ruminal microorganisms, whose growth depends on supply with feed...

September 2014

Healthy Calves (pdf)

This month's HOT TOPIC focusses on the importance of healthy calves. 

August 2014

Hitzestress (pdf)

In der modernen Tierproduktion erreichen Rinder hohe Leistung, was wiederum einen enormen Bedarf an metabolischer Leistung bedeutet.

July 2014

Newborn Calves (pdf)

Immune status and impact of colostrum feeding

June 2014

Mastitis (pdf)

What is it, which animals are affected, how can it be avoided.




May 2014

Undegradable Protein in Ruminant Nutrition (pdf)

How can valuable proteins be protected from rumen degradation.



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