Sangrovit® WS

SANGROVIT® WS is the supplementary feed in intelligent quality.

It is appropriate for all animal species and consists of acids and special active components from a plant extract, e.g. quaternary Benzophenanthridine alkaloids and Protopine alkaloids, which are preprocessed and made available in a specific, patented process. The efficacy of SANGROVIT® WS has been proven in a wide range of extensive university experiments.

SANGROVIT® WS is not effective as an antibiotic but operates functionally concerning the well-being and the health status.

Simple Application - Rapid Effects - IQ inside

- in an antibiotic-free finisher phase
- to increase appetite and improve feed efficiency
- to support vaccination programs and medications
- during periods of stress


We are not only talking about it we are gaining it: SUCCESS! No matter if field or institute, stable or petri dish, our colleagues and independent experts regularly keep track on this success. If you would like to know how SANGROVIT® WS can affect the welfare of different species just contact our team and we can provide you an overview.



different sizes - always iq inside

Available sachets:
50g, 100g, 500g and 1000g

Package sizes:

SANGROVIT® WS-Box "small" with

  • 10 sachets à 50g
  • 5 sachets à 100g
  • 1 sachet à 500g

SANGROVIT® WS-Box "big" with 

  • 20 sachets à 50g
  • 10 sachets à 100g
  • 2 sachets à 500g
  • 1 sachet à 1000g


Tenemos la solución adecuada para cada especie y el concepto de alimentación. Vea por usted mismo.

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