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Focus on ruminants

Consistent feed intake is of utmost importance to maintain performance and health of ruminants. Discover the product variety of Phytobiotics to secure the performance of your cattle or dairy herd.

Feed additives for ruminants

Phytobiotics Sangrovit® is a plant-based product line containing standardized substances to stabilize feed intake throughout challenging production periods.

Phytobiotics Active D is a tried and tested plant-based source of valuable active ingredients to relieve the metabolism in challenging phases. Highly available Vitamin D and triterpenoid compounds act synergistically for optimum physiological effects.

Phytobiotics Plexomin® offers organic trace minerals with a patented innovative production process to achieve top quality and highly digestible formulations.

Phytobiotics' long-lasting flavours and sweeteners from carefully selected raw materials enhance the attractiveness of your ruminant feed. With high-quality flavours and sweeteners, we ensure long-lasting sensory effects, optimal feed acceptance and a consistent feed intake.

Phytobiotics Immune Milk, a high-quality colostrum powder, produced in a unique gentle process to ensure high concentrations of immunoglobulins and other bioactive substances, is ideal to enhance colostrum and milk replacers.


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