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What is PhytoShare?

Unfortunately, there are still big social differences and economical needs in our society. We are grateful for everything we have and like to use that opportunity to give something back to the society which is helping us thrive. With this objective the charity initiative PhytoShare was founded at the beginning of 2018 by the Latin American Phytobiotics Team – giving back to help others.

How PhytoShare works?

Every employee donates a contribution in a collective fund which is doubled by the company Phytobiotics. With the help of business partners, distributors and clients we search for projects in the entire LATAM area which qualify for participation in PhytoShare.  Every year 2 “winning” projects are chosen by votes at the Phytobiotics LATAM end of the year team meeting.


In 2018 we already had the chance to be active and help two organizations with, in total, 12,000.00 USD. From the 8 qualifying projects originating in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia two ‘winners’ were chosen: Asilo São Vicente de Paulo (Brazil) and San Vicente Fundacion (Colombia). Both organizations received the collected money from the hands of our local teams.

If you want participate in PhytoShare or have some project ideas, please contact our PhytoShare manager Jessika van Leeuwen.

Let’s PhytoShare!

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