Science and Research

In order to be able to offer scientifically proven solutions that really meet the requirements of practice, we continuously focus on the challenges of our industry. That is why we thrive to the bottom of things and why science and research have been of great importance since our founding.

We invest 7% of our profits in these areas every year. In doing so, we collaborate with internationally respected scientists and organizations worldwide.
Here you will find valuable information on hot scientific topics:

Latest blog posts

Managing Heat Stress

Warming global temperatures and the undeniable fact that modern, highly productive poultry breeds are particularly prone to heat stress is a challenge for the industry.

The relevance of inflammation …

Dirk Werling, Professor of Molecular Immunology, Royal Veterinary College, London, UK talks about the relevance of inflammation and why it needs to be managed.

Not just organic …

Which are the most suitable molecules? What are possible production processes? Can the ecological footprint of the process be improved?

Coccidiosis vaccines

Over 3 billion US$ annual costs are caused by coccidiosis worldwide, of which 0.5 billion are spent on anticoccidial drugs – everyone in the poultry industry ...

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Do you want to know more? Get in touch:

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