SANGROVIT® is a leading brand of patented, purely plant-derived product solutions that increase feed intake and therefore promote animal growth, meat quality and yield.

The SANGROVIT® brand includes a range of products tailored to specific animal species and customer needs.

Its clearly described and analysed active ingredients secure feed intake and stimulate digestion naturally. From plant cultivation to finished sacks of microgranules, the entire production process remains in our hands. After all, we guarantee you consistent, outstanding quality.

SANGROVIT®: tested – patented – award-winning!

  • SANGROVIT® is completely natural and is produced without chemical or nature-identical substances from purely plant-derived materials.
  • International patents protect the use of the active substances contained in SANGROVIT® as feed additives.
  • A comprehensive collection of studies proves that SANGROVIT® is completely non-toxic for humans and animals.
  • Objective methods of chemical analysis have been developed for SANGROVIT®. These methods guarantee ongoing quality control. They are also available for routine analyses and facilitate transparent marketing. Unique for this class of additives!

SANGROVIT® is offered in different variants, which are adapted to customer needs. The availability of products may differ from country to country. For specific information and availability in your country please ask your local Phytobiotics representative.

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Proven effectiveness.

The use of SANGROVIT® is worthwhile, as supplementing with SANGROVIT® results in a substantial cost-benefit ratio of 1:3 to 1:14, depending on the actual farm conditions. This has been established in numerous studies.

The main active ingredients of SANGROVIT® include bitter constituents and so secure feed intake and support digestion. Salivary secretion is increased and stimulates activity of digestive organs such as the pancreas and liver.

Improved protein and amino acid balance.

The positive effects in the amino acid balance and protein processing are due to the increased feed uptake and digestive activity resulting from the use of SANGROVIT®. There are more amino acids available for building muscle.



Suitable for all animals.

SANGROVIT® is the appetite-stimulating and digestion-supporting feed flavoring made from unique plant-based substances.

The results of using SANGROVIT® in feed are easily seen. Its use with pigs, cattle and poultry has been particularly well established. Furthermore, the positive effects on rabbits, sheep and horses have been demonstrated – and even the results from research on fish are promising.

Convincing application properties.

SANGROVIT® can be easily mixed into feed and premixtures and is reliable with regard to dosage and use. Pelletising, extruding and expanding do not have any negative effects on the active ingredients.

The microgranules are virtually dust-free. For further information please refer to the material safety data sheet.


We have the right solution for each species and feed concept. See for yourself.


We adhere to a rigorous quality policy. Proven through recognised certification according to the latest standards.


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