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Not all sweeteners are beneficial for all species. Our knowledge will guarantee you the best sweetening solution for your feed substrate.
May it be species-specific, Saccharine or Stevia-based, with its products Piggysweet, Appitello Naturale, Appitello PX and Phytosweet, Phytobiotics is offering a wide range of sweeteners for all purposes. 

Taste the difference

Economical needs may lead to changes in feed formulations that will challenge the feed intake.

The off-taste of some components, for example, medication, can cause a decrease in feed intake or even a feed rejection. Young animals have a strong preference for sweet tastes. Sweeteners mask the unpleasant taste of feed components and increase the palatability of the feed.

Our knowledge will guarantee you the best sweetening solution for your feed substrate.



Improves feed palatability especially combined with flavours
Eases the weaning process and switch to solid feed in piglets and calves
Improves the feed intake and growth in critical life stages
Masks undesired off-notes and tastes of raw materials
Enables more flexibility in the use of raw materials

Product Overview

Please note that some products may not be available in all regions or countries.

First choice for Piglets

A sophisticated sweetener combination designed to enhance the palatability of piglet feed.

Phytobiotics Piggysweet

Saccharine, combined with Neohesperidin (NHDC) and other components to complete the sweetening profile, makes PiggySweet the ideal add-on for piglet feed. Best results are always achieved in combination with our flavour portfolio.

Phytobiotics Piggysweet

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