Safety with IQ.

Playing it safe. According to this motto there is a globally harmonized system for categorization and characterization of chemicals (GHS) and their characterization in end-products on packages as well as annotations in safety data sheets. Those standard phrases (H- and P-phrases - Hazard and Precautionary Statements) you will find also on packages and additional documents of our products. For instance the box of our product Sangrovit WS has the following safety data in dependence on GHS:

Furthermore we are registered at the poison hotline Mainz (Tel: +49 6121-19240), who offer a 24h-emergency hotline and who can be contacted any time. Should you have further questions about the safety of our products, you can contact us directly or request a product specific material safety data sheet.


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Calidad certificada.

Nosotros adherimos a rigurosas políticas de calidad. Comprobadas a través de reconocidas certificaciones basadas en padrones actuales.


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