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Phytobiotics Miracol, Bigarol

Miracol® & Bigarol A matter of taste

Miracol® and Bigarol are Phytobiotics' flavouring solutions for animal feed, developed to overcome the current challenges in animal nutrition. Based on a broad portfolio of flavours our experts provide bespoke flavours for your needs. 

Flavours that suit your needs

Animals are very sensitive to smell and taste variations of their feed. Even minor changes to the feed formulation can trigger a decrease in feed consumption. Adding flavours to the feed improves the palatability and feed acceptance during stressful periods, like weaning or  feed changes.

Whatever flavouring idea you may have, Phytobiotics has an individual solution that will suit your needs.

Flavour Wheel


Improves feed palatability especially combined with sweeteners
Positively influences the animal’s feeding behavior
Improves the feed intake and growth in critical life stages
Masks undesired off-notes and tastes of raw materials
Ensures animal welfare
Reinforces brand recognition

Which flavour to choose?

To select the best flavour, it is important to consider the species-specific preferences.

During the life of an animal the taste preferences are changing. It is important to address this with an optimised flavouring strategy. If you want a detailed consultation, contact our experts at Phytobiotics.

Pig, Swine, Ruminant, Cow, Calf

Suitable for the following species

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