12:0411, 2019

Clever minds – healthy animals

November 2019|

Record number of participants in 2019 at Phytobiotics IQ Inside seminar! More than 140 guests accepted the invitation and gained insights into exciting current topics that will (move) our industry.

8:2408, 2019

New inclusion levels of the trace element copper

August 2019|

The new maximum level of copper, published by the European Union, comes into effect on August 13th 2019. With our new product line Plexomin®, Phytobiotics’ brand for organically bound trace minerals, we react to this upcoming challenge.

9:0904, 2019

Introduction of Phytobiotics new Plexomin at IPPE

April 2019|

Phytobiotics had an outstanding presence at the 2019 IPPE in Atlanta, Georgia, USA with the launching of the new Plexomin® Organic Trace Minerals line and the presenting of the latest findings behind Sangrovit® at the International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF).

8:1901, 2019

Be part of PhytoShare and help others!

January 2019|

PhytoShare is a new charity initiative from Phytobiotics that was founded at the beginning of 2018 by the Latin American Phytobiotics Team to help people in need. In 2018 our team supported Asilo SĂŁo Vicente de Paulo (Brazil) and San Vicente Fundacion (Colombia)...

10:0511, 2018

New Product Line at VIV Europe

November 2018|

We look back on a successful participation in VIV Europe with the launch of the new Miracol product line.