12:1006, 2020

Heat stress in pigs – Effects on gut and production

June 2020|

Heat stress is a current and emerging issue, due to climate changes, expansion of animal production systems to tropical and subtropical regions and the selection for lean breeds, which are more susceptible to heat stress.

11:5006, 2020

Fresh mind and innovative ideas!

June 2020|

Since the beginning of June the Phytobiotics family has a new team member: PhD Francesca Blasco will lead and support the innovation team in the future.

15:1605, 2020

Update: VICTAM postponed to 2022

May 2020|

As the worldwide situation regarding COVID-19 remains critical, travel restrictions continue to affect many regions globally. Therefore, the "VICTAM and

10:2305, 2020

New family members – new structures and opportunities

May 2020|

Phytobiotics restructures the sales team for Central and Northern Europe.

7:0105, 2020

Fresh southern wind – Fresh knowledge!

May 2020|

In order to be able to serve the diversity of European customers in the usual optimal and target-oriented way, Phytobiotics has decided to divide the European sales regions into Northern, Central and Southern Europe.

12:0005, 2020

Heat stress in poultry – impact on gut health and performance

May 2020|

Modern poultry breeds are more prone to heat stress than indigenous breeds due to their higher feed intake, rapid metabolic rates, increased basal metabolic heat production, fast growth, and an overall high level of productivity.