Focus on aquaculture

Modern aquaculture is adapting to achieve the goal of producing both economically and sustainably. These changes are challenging for producers and animals alike and can affect productivity. High-value feed additives offer targeted support in periods of stress to boost feed intake, well-being and performance.

Feed additives for aquaculture

Phytobiotics Sangrovit® is a plant-based product line containing standardized substances to stabilize feed intake throughout challenging production periods.

Phytobiotics Active D is a tried and tested plant-based source of valuable active ingredients to strengthen the natural defenses and to relieve the metabolism of fish and crustaceans. Highly available Vitamin D and triterpenoid compounds act synergistically for optimum physiological effects.

Phytobiotics Plexomin® offers organic trace minerals with a patented innovative production process to achieve top quality and highly digestible formulations. 

Long-lasting flavors to optimize palatability. Exclusive flavors from carefully selected raw materials can enhance your feed and add a personal sensory touch.

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