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Focus on poultry

Phytobiotics offers different products and services to increase the performance of your livestock

Strong poultry – strong profits

No matter if it is broilers, turkeys, layers, breeders, ducks or geese – today’s birds are high-performing animals depending on good nutrient supply to fulfill their nutritional demands. Many stressors like feed change, pathogen pressure or transport can lead to a disturbance of the normal physiological status of gut integrity and function.

Phytobiotics products for poultry

The Phytobiotics Sangrovit® product line ensures a consistent feed intake throughout challenging periods, supporting the bird in today’s production systems and having a positive contribution to efficient poultry meat or egg production. 

Phytobiotics Plexomin® – innovative trace element formulations ensure highest digestibility of trace minerals in all your poultry. 

Scientific and field trials confirmed that especially laying performance and eggshell quality are positively affected by Phytobiotics Active D. In broilers, it supports skeletal development and joint condition, resulting in heavier and healthier birds. Its application is beneficial in critical phases, such as heat stress, occurrence of bone disorders and mycotoxins in feed.

Immune Milk is Phytobiotics’ high-quality colostrum powder. It is rich in immunoglobulins, lactoferrin and many other natural immune and growth factors to optimize life start for your chicks.

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